Monday, 4 November 2013

Few Charity Shop Buys

Heyy Everyone, 
I popped into a charity shop today, just for a nose around and bought a couple of things. I never got anything too special but thought I would show you anyway as the prices were so great. 

First up we have a black and white spotty dress from H&M, now this is actually a few sizes too big but I tried it on and it just looks like a looser fitting dress. I couldn't resist those spots. That cost £2.99

Next up is a grey skull print top, I love the longer back on this top. It cost me £1.99

Next up is a stunning denim look dress, I particularly love the back detail with the buttons and the fake pocket. The stretchy waist makes it very flattering too. This cost me £4.99

Last but not least is a cute little black dress with a collar and button detail. This cost me £2.49

I'm very happy with the items I picked up today they are in perfect condition and as you can see the prices are amazing. I spent round abut £12.50, now who could complain about that. 

I think I may have to re discover my love for charity shops. 

Love Lucy x x

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