Monday, 7 April 2014

Small Shopping Trip, New Primark Shirt and Statement Necklace

Heyyy Everyone, 
I went into town today and I didn't buy much but what I did buy I'm so excited I must show you straight away. 
When shirts became really popular a few years ago I bought a few and I liked them on but I just never wore them much, so I never bought any more but when I saw this one today I was instantly drawn to it and just had to buy it. 

I also picked up a statement necklace to go with it, I'm really loving all the statement necklaces' about. I think Primark do fantastic ones and at great prices. 

So here they are.... 

I'm thinking maybe this shirt could be a love it or hate it kind of item BUT I absolutely LOVE it with a passion. I really love the bright colours against the black, I think this would look fab with black leggings or disco pants and the bright colours would really jazz it up. 
As I said I bought this today so its current in Primark and it cost me £13.00. The statement necklace I thought goes perfect with this shirt with all the bright colours and that cost me £5.00. 

I will try and remember to do a OOTD wearing this so you can see what it looks like on. 

Hope your well :-)
Love Lucy x x