Saturday, 16 November 2013

Superdrug 3 for 2 - Barry M Gelly Nail Paint

Heyy Everyone, 
Recently I went into my local Superdrug and the had a 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics, so I decided would be rude to not take advantage of such a great offer. 

I picked up 3 Barry M Gelly Hi - Shine nail varnishes. I have so many Barry M nail varnishes but I really do like them allot. I love the colour selection, think they are good quality and a great price. 

The 3 colours I decided to pick up and add to my ever growing collection are... Blue Grape, Key Lime, and Dragon. 

First up Blue Grape

Next up is Key Lime

and last but not least Dragon

I applied two coats of each before taking the picture and that was enough, maybe Dragon could of done with 3 coats as its very sheer when you first apply it. 

I love how bright and eye catching the Barry M nail varnishes are and that's one the reasons I have so many. I think these 3 make perfect additions to my collection.

Do you have a favorite Barry M nail varnish colour??? Id love to know what it is.

Love Lucy x x

Friday, 8 November 2013

Strong Smokey Eye Using Benefit Smokin' Eyes Kit

Heyy Everyone, 
I decided to dig out my Benefit Smokin' Eyes Kit and create quite a strong smokey eye with it. 
I Love this little kit and realized I just don't give it as much love as I should. 

As you can see you get a pink highlight eye shadow, a pewter base eye shadow, a deep charcoal eye shadow, a smokin' liner, brow zings (mine is shade light) eye bright (cream eye brightener) and a little set of tweezers. 

Here is the look I created

I wanted the finished look to be strong eyes, bronzed skin and a nude gloss lip. 
I love the smokin' eyes kit, you have everything you need to create a sexy smokey eye and you can make it as bold as you like. I would also wear the Pewter shade on its own during the day, its such a pretty shade and the quality/pigment of the shadows as you can imagine from Benefit is really high. 

Hope you liked this look. 

Love Lucy x x

Monday, 4 November 2013

Few Charity Shop Buys

Heyy Everyone, 
I popped into a charity shop today, just for a nose around and bought a couple of things. I never got anything too special but thought I would show you anyway as the prices were so great. 

First up we have a black and white spotty dress from H&M, now this is actually a few sizes too big but I tried it on and it just looks like a looser fitting dress. I couldn't resist those spots. That cost £2.99

Next up is a grey skull print top, I love the longer back on this top. It cost me £1.99

Next up is a stunning denim look dress, I particularly love the back detail with the buttons and the fake pocket. The stretchy waist makes it very flattering too. This cost me £4.99

Last but not least is a cute little black dress with a collar and button detail. This cost me £2.49

I'm very happy with the items I picked up today they are in perfect condition and as you can see the prices are amazing. I spent round abut £12.50, now who could complain about that. 

I think I may have to re discover my love for charity shops. 

Love Lucy x x

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Happy Belated Halloween - Evil Clown

Heyy Everyone...
Well I planned on doing this post either the day before or the actual day of Halloween but as fellow MUA's will know Halloween is a busy period, especially now as people seem to be wanting more creative looks with their make up and I love it. 

Well here is my belated Halloween look number 4 and it is an Evil Clown. Its probably the most scary look I've done this year and I'm really happy with it.

So there is my evil clown, I think this has to be my favorite as its the most scary I've done up to now. I think clowns are so scary anyway so was weird to look at my face like this but I think the look is great for Halloween. 

So I'm sad Halloween is over but once Halloween and Bonfire night are done then its officially the run up to Christmas... in my eyes anyway :-) 

Hope your all doing well

Love Lucy x x