Thursday, 3 October 2013

Halloween Look Practice, Number One

Heyy everyone... 
Well its that time of year again, id say my second favorite time of year and that's Halloween. 

I'm not 100% set on what I'm going to be yet, I'm just going to have fun practicing different looks and see what I like the best. 

For my first practice look I've went for a kind of sexy Chucky (if there is such a thing) 
It didn't take me very long to do and if I was to do it again, id add some fake blood and lashes to set it off even more. 

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, and I think with a few finishing touches it could look even better. I would also add more depth to the scars next time. 

Hope you liked this look, I cant wait to get creating more. 

Love Lucy x x

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